You Get to Decide How You Live Your Life

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Affirm after me: “My life keeps getting better and better. Everything will work out perfectly.” Say these words, repeat them, feel them. Meditate on them. Let them become your truth.

Life is all about intent, perspective, and willingness. If we hold the intention to look for positive things, we’ll find more positive things. If we intend to view every single life experience from the perspective that it’s happening for a reason—that there’s something we can learn from it—we’ll look for the opportunity that lies within it. If we’re willing to shift how we look at, perceive, or experience something, space will open that’ll allow us to make the changes we need to make, we’ll learn something deeper about ourselves, and our ability to interact more easily and effortlessly with the world will expand.⠀

We’ll see that every thought, every feeling, and every belief—even every so-called limiting belief—is there to enlighten us, to inform us, to help us grow. To help us shed the aspects of ourselves that no longer serve us. To nudge us toward our highest good. To help us live the most satisfying, fulfilling, thrilling, peaceful lives that we can.⠀

The path of self-discovery isn’t always easy. Honestly, a lot of the time it can feel really, really hard. But learning how to navigate the world intentionally—and understanding that we hold the power to determine how we experience every single moment of our lives—is empowering beyond what words can describe.⠀

Life doesn’t always feel easy, but it doesn’t have to feel as difficult as we often make it. We just have to know, own, and understand that we get to determine how we experience every single one of our experiences. By choosing how we intend to perceive them.