Why you should Never Judge Yourself for How you Feel

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I feel like there’s so much I want to say about this...so much, in fact, that I could do a 30 minute video talking nonstop, or write a 50,000 word essay, and still not have enough space or time.⠀

Never judge yourself for how you feel. You feel how you feel and it’s okay. It’s always okay. It’s just an experience. Our thoughts,  emotions, and feelings happen. And when they’re happening, they’re the truth of our present moment experience.⠀

This doesn’t mean that we have to allow them to define us. We don’t have to attach or bind ourselves to them.⠀

By separating enough to observe, witness, and watch them, we generate the ability to learn the lessons they have to teach us. This also allows us to experience everything that comes into our life without getting consumed in or overwhelmed by any of it.⠀

There’s something valuable in every thought, every emotion, and every feeling we experience. There’s something there that we can learn—whether it’s about our internal beliefs; thoughts of who we are and what we’re capable of; how we perceive the world and our place within it; or simply, what kind of mental state we’re in at a particular moment. ⠀

If instead of automatically giving into every thought or feeling we have—or judging ourselves for the fact that we’re experiencing it—we can get curious about what’s happening, we can discover so much.⠀

But too often we attach so much judgment to everything. We guilt ourselves or berate ourselves for thinking certain thoughts or feeling certain feelings...but why? Why do we do this? What’s the point? Why do we think we should feel anything other than what we feel? Who said what we’re feeling is wrong? And, why do we believe them?⠀

Usually, we don’t even know. ⠀

Somewhere along the line we just acquired ideas of what’s acceptable and not acceptable, without even realizing it. We adopted entire world views based on ideas that might not even ring true for us. We judge our experiences based on what we believe they should be, but we don’t even know why we believe what we believe.⠀

Never judge yourself for how you feel. Instead, allow it. And let yourself discover what you can learn from it.