Why You Need to Start Questioning Everything

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Start questioning everything. Everything you see, everything you hear, everything you read. Does it feel true to you? Does it resonate as truth within you?⠀

We all have beliefs about how the world works—ideas about what’s acceptable, expected, right, wrong, possible. We take for granted that our perceptions are fact. That they’re truth.⠀

But we don’t even know why we believe what we believe. Most of how we live our lives is based on beliefs we don’t even realize we have. Ideas we can’t remember agreeing to. Concepts that were instilled in us from the outside in. Contracts we unwittingly signed with an invisible pen we can’t remember writing with. Most of the thoughts we think aren’t even our own. Most of the beliefs we hold, didn’t come from us.⠀

In order to live our lives consciously, we have to start questioning everything.⠀

Just as an example: take meal times. Eating breakfast, lunch, dinner....at specific times, in specific ways, with specific people; each meal including specific kinds of foods. We just assume this is the way it’s to be done...because it’s how it’s always been done. But it’s all just socially constructed. It’s custom, culture, ritual, and tradition. People—collectively around the world—have made an agreement, a type of social contract, that this is what makes sense. And while it may be how many people live, the act of it, the idea of it...is just that: an idea. ⠀

What, and where, and when, and who we eat with...it’s all conceptual. Even the idea that families should sit down for dinner is just a concept. A concept a lot of people have agreed to, which doesn’t make it bad, but it doesn’t make it fact either.⠀

Be willing to question every thought, every belief, every opinion, every feeling. Everything you think you know. Everything that seems natural or inevitable. Question the unquestionable. Inquire within to see if what you find rings true for you. Be curious. About everything.⠀

And if you discover that what you’ve heard, or thought, or read, or believed, doesn’t feel true to you, have the courage to admit it. Own it. It’s how you free yourself from the illusion. It’s how you determine the kind of world you want to live in.