Why You Need to Pay Attention to the Way You Speak to Yourself

speak, self talk.JPG

Watch the way you speak to yourself. Pay attention to the words that you use.⠀

Notice how it makes you feel.⠀

Especially in the moments when the words are cruel. When the tone makes you ache. When you believe you’ve made a mistake.⠀

When you feel stressed, overwhelmed, worthless, incapable, or inadequate. Or simply, just not enough of “it.”⠀

Listen to the words. Pay attention to the tone. Let yourself feel how it makes you feel.⠀

But observe it. Watch it. Study it.⠀

Allow it.⠀

Allow the experience of it. Allow yourself to observe, watch, and study the experience of it.

Don’t try to ignore it and don’t push it away. Just allow it.⠀

But watch it. Stay with the watching of it.⠀

Don’t let the energy swallow you, don’t let yourself sink in. Don’t allow yourself to get lost in the fleeting, transient, temporary moment of the thing.⠀

Watch it. Observe it. Pay attention.⠀

Let yourself feel how it makes you feel.⠀

And watch that too.⠀

This is a pivotal moment to learn. It’s where the shift begins.

You can’t unbind from something unless you know you’re bound to it. You can’t free yourself from something until you realize you’re entrapped by it.

The potential to change comes from awareness. The first step is becoming aware. Once you’re aware, you have a choice. You get to make a decision. You get to choose. You get to decide.

What you’ll do. How you’ll react. Which direction you’ll take. The move that you’ll make.

If the words are cruel, if the tone makes you ache, be kind. Soft. Tender. Patient. Gentle.

You’re becoming aware of thoughts you didn’t know you had. Beliefs you didn’t know you believed. Beliefs you never consciously, knowingly, wittingly acquired.

Feel how it makes you feel, but don’t get lost in it. ⠀

Watch it. Observe it. Study it.

Stay with the watching of it.

The potential for change comes from awareness.⠀

You’re becoming aware.⠀

With awareness you have a choice.⠀

So let yourself decide. Make the decision that you have the power to decide.

You can free yourself from that cruel, critical inner voice, but first you have to notice it.⠀

You have to become aware. You have to allow yourself to become aware.