Why we Shouldn't Resist Painful, Uncomfortable Emotions

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It’s okay to feel tender, and soft, and sad, and it’s okay to not like feeling that way. It’s okay to ache, and bruise, and break, and it’s okay to not want to have to breathe into that space. It’s okay to feel helpless, and hopeless, and lost, and it’s okay to feel unnerved by the powerlessness of it. It’s okay to feel angry, and scared, and confused, and it’s okay to not love feeling how those feelings make you feel.⠀

Tender, painful, uncomfortable emotions feel tender, painful, and uncomfortable. They make us feel vulnerable. Raw. Exposed. But it’s okay. ⠀

It might not feel pleasant, but it’s not something we have to fight or resist. Resistance just creates tension and distress anyway. It makes everything feel worse. ⠀

Uncomfortable emotions might feel uncomfortable to settle into, but allowing ourselves to move into them is also easier, and somehow makes us feel lighter, than trying to fight or ignore them.⠀

Our feelings are meant to be felt. We just have to give ourselves the time and the space to feel them. ⠀

We have to allow it. ⠀

We have to have the gentle courage to allow it without resisting it. There’s no reason to fight, struggle, or battle.⠀

Softening and surrendering to painful emotions doesn’t mean wallowing in them and it doesn’t mean we’re giving up. It’s an act of intentional allowance. It’s conscious acceptance. ⠀

It’s an understanding that there’s something here we’re meant to feel, something we’re meant to experience, something we’re meant to learn. ⠀

It’s admitting that whatever’s happening, is happening. Whatever we’re feeling, we’re feeling. ⠀

It’s acknowledging our present moment experience. ⠀

And it’s understanding that because it’s our present moment experience, there’s something here we’re meant to feel, learn from, accept, and allow.⠀

Feeling uncomfortable emotions might not feel pleasant, but when we can softly, gently allow ourselves to feel them, we can experience the experience of them with an element of lightness and ease.