Why We Should Spend More Time Being Astounded by Who We Are

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Early one morning several years ago, as I was doing yoga, I glanced down at my foot. I paused. It’s as if I’d never actually seen my foot before.  I still don’t think I’d ever really looked at it until that moment. At least not like that. I felt a tender awareness wash through me. A softness filled me. ⠀

A few years later, as I was lying on the floor in savasana, I felt my heart gently beating in my chest. I actually felt my heart beating in my chest. I lied there with the understanding of what that meant.⠀

My heart was beating. My lungs were helping me breathe. My eyes allowed me to see. My feet held me up, my legs helped me move, my ears helped me to hear. My cells and organs were dancing an intricate dance I’d never really be able to learn.⠀

Despite a big knee surgery in high school, I could still run, and dance, and play, and do the splits, and move in such a way that I’d forget I’d even torn what I’d torn, if it wasn’t for the scar that remained.⠀

Our bodies are always there for us. They don’t ask for appreciation or gratitude. They don’t beg or plead for acknowledgment. They just do what they have to do. They do what needs to be done. No matter what. No matter what we do or say.⠀

As I lied on that floor feeling my heart in my chest, tears filled my eyes. Through every cruel thing I’d ever thought or said, the self-destructive things I’d done, my heart was there. Always there. Beating there inside my chest.⠀

We’re literally living, breathing, freaking miracles. There’s magic coursing through our veins. The fact that we’re even alive is awe-inspiring.⠀

We’re energy, and love, and oneness, but we’re also physical, individualized expressions of all that is; and our bodies are the personalized vessels that carry us throughout our days.⠀

We aren’t our bodies, but we also are, and if you think about it, it’s really freaking beautiful. It’s a great, big, huge, magical miracle.⠀

Can you imagine how life would feel if we spent more time being astounded by the miracle of who we are, rather than thinking about all of the little things we’d like to change?⠀

We’re living, breathing, freaking miracles.⠀

Magic circulates throughout our veins.