Why we Should accept Life's Inevitable Uncertainty

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We tend to gravitate toward the familiar, because we are used to it. We’ve been accustomed to it. We know what to expect and that makes us feel secure. Stable. Even a little bit in control.⠀

But the beauty and wonder of life comes from the unknown. It lives in the uncertain, the unfamiliar, and the unseen. Life’s greatest possibilities breathe in a space we have not yet traversed. Our potential lies where we have not yet ventured.⠀

I have always been particularly attached to routines, and I spent most of my life living safely secured within the confines of the known. I didn’t try anything new, unless I knew for certain that I’d succeed. I’ve always liked the feeling of control and I’ve never enjoyed relinquishing it.⠀

I lived most of my life ruled by fear and self-doubt—I just didn’t know it. I couldn’t see it.⠀

I wasn’t aware of the limiting beliefs that dictated how I moved in the world—the way they held me back from stepping into the untouched space of potential. I wouldn’t even let myself dream or imagine a life beyond the one I knew.⠀

I think many of us are like this. We even stick around in situations that don’t fulfill us, because we find the massiveness of the unknown too threatening and too overwhelming.⠀

We’d rather choose the milder, yet ever-present discomfort of general discontent, because, at least, we are familiar with how that feels.⠀

But life is inherently uncertain and transient. Everything is continuously shifting and reshaping—changing form and structure. ⠀

If we can understand this—really understand the truth of it—we’ll see that uncertainty is nothing to fear. ⠀

It feels uncomfortable, because it is unfamiliar. And it is unfamiliar because it is unknown.⠀

But within the unknown lies also, all of the spacious, vastness of boundless, unlimited potential.⠀