Why We Need to take Ownership Over the Lives We're Living

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No one can make you do anything. If you’re doing something that makes you feel bad. That you regret. That you feel guilty about. That doesn’t serve you. That limits, constricts, or disempowers you. That’s on you. ⠀

It’s a belief, thought pattern, habit, or cycle of behavior that you’re holding onto within yourself. It’s something you’re attached to. Bound to. A pattern you’ve groomed. Everything you do, and think, and believe is yours. Even if what you think, or do, or believe stems from situations or experiences that you didn’t consciously choose to partake in. Even if it stems from things you can’t remember experiencing. If it’s affecting you today, it’s yours.⠀

This means that you get to choose what to do with it. You always have a choice.⠀

If you’re stuck in a habit you’re not proud of, break it. If you’re doing something that makes you feel bad, stop. If you’re engaging in behaviors that don’t align with who you want to be, quit doing them. If you want to live differently from how you’ve always lived, do it. Take the necessary steps. Make the changes.⠀

It really is that simple.⠀

We need to take responsibility for the lives we’re living. We need to accept that everything we’re experiencing is ours.⠀

We also need to understand that all of the power we need to do, change, or create anything, already resides within us. It always has.⠀

If you feel disempowered, it’s because of thoughts you’re thinking. If you feel defined by your circumstances, it’s only because you believe that you are. ⠀

When you focus on feeling stuck, or limited, or helpless, you just perpetuate those feelings. You bind yourself to your wounds. And nothing about that energy is powerful or empowering. It doesn’t serve you. And it’s not going to get you to where you want to be.⠀

We need to understand that we can change our lives in every single moment of every single day. The choice is, always has been, and will only ever be, ours.⠀

All of the power you need to do anything in this world already exists within you. So just do whatever it is you want to do. And let the rest go.