Why We Need to Make Peace with our Egos

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Our egos often feel limiting and self-defeating—filled with judgment and self-reproach. Each cruel thought perfectly attuned to the insecurities and doubts we individually assume. ⠀

Yet, curiously, they’re also self-gratifying, self-aggrandizing, and have a desperate need to assert themselves. They crave attention and have an unyielding need to be seen, known, and understood. ⠀

They love to judge, explain, and justify. They seek to distinguish and define. They relish in drawing clear lines across, and boundaries around, anything they can label as “other.” ⠀

Right and wrong. Good and bad. True and untrue. Possible and impossible. Known and unknown. This way or no way.

Our egos are inherently dualistic in nature, which means they flourish in a state of separation. They can’t exist in all-ness or oneness.⠀

But their presence within us doesn’t have to be something we dread. We don’t have to fight it or hate it. There’s nothing here we have to despise. ⠀

Once we understand the true nature of things, we can simply sit back, observe, and allow. ⠀

Softening around our egos doesn’t mean acquiescing to their antics or self-seeking demands, but to understand more fully what they are, why they exist, and what it means for how we live our lives. ⠀

We’re not our egos, but they are a part us.  And we’re not going to shed them. No matter how hard we try. They’re essentially our human, physical selves.⠀

Instead of disowning them, we should want to become familiar with them. The more we watch them, and listen to them, the less power they have over us; and the more effortlessly we can disassociate from them.⠀

When we simply acknowledge and allow our ego selves, we open up the space to shift our relationship with them. Instead of fearing or hating them, we create an opportunity to learn from them. ⠀

Our egos only limit us when we don’t see what’s happening. They thrive on unawareness.⠀

We can move throughout the world connected to them, without being bound to, or controlled by them. We can separate from them, without believing we need to rid ourselves of them completely. It just takes a willingness to sit with, observe, and allow them.