Why we Need to Consciously, Intentionally Dive into Our Fears

fear, mindfulness.JPG

What if instead of automatically giving into fear, we questioned it? Sought to figure out what it meant? What it referred to? What if when we thought we’d found the answer, we probed deeper? Inquired further?

Most of what we think we fear is just an outward, external, physical manifestation of something that runs far deeper—fears, beliefs, and patterns of thought that are more penetrating and more pervasive. Energetics that quite literally feel like terror. Issues that thread, and weave, and intersect with everything we think we know, believe, and understand. ⠀

These unconscious beliefs govern our actions—they influence every thought we think and every move we make—but we don’t realize it, because we’re totally unaware of what’s happening. It’s no one’s fault. It’s just what happens. It’s a part of the process. We acquire these beliefs so that one day, when we realize we have them, we can make the conscious, deliberate decision to clear them. ⠀

What if our fears weren’t something to be afraid of? What if they exist simply to teach us the lessons we always intended to learn? To free us from the things that need to be cleared? To point us toward greater, deeper, vaster truths—about who we really are and what we’re really here to do? ⠀

When our fears surface, it’s because they want to be dealt with. They want to be released. They arise so they can finally, for once and for all, be cleared. ⠀

So what if, instead of avoiding our fears, or automatically getting devoured by them, we had the courage to consciously inquire into them? To dive into them with the distanced awareness of deliberate intention? To seek to uncover the lessons that are begging to be be discovered? The buried secrets that are desperately pleading to be heard?⠀

We’re afraid of feeling fear because it feels scary. But it’s only through feeling into it that we can free ourselves from it. It’s painful, but when we do it, we allow ourselves to unbind from it. We free ourselves from the gripping, clutching, grasps of it. It’s not an easy process, and it can feel excruciating, but it’s the only way to move through it. And it’s the only way we’ll learn everything we came here to learn.