Why I Sometimes Choose Not to Be Mindful


I often let my thoughts wander, allowing them to take me where they want me to go. I follow the path. I’m pulled by the journey. I let the inner tug move me and guide me. ⠀

Sometimes the musings are light and I easily weave between my imagined thoughts and the fullness of my present moment experience. Other times, that imagined world is so strong, so potent, the imaginings so powerful, that I can’t resist them at all. Or, I don’t want to. So I don’t even try. I surrender. I let go. I dive right in. I intentionally allow the energy to pull me in. ⠀

I begin to explore that untapped, alluring, uncharted world. ⠀

I allow the feelings to fill me, the sights to captivate my intrigued and curious mind. I let the understandings flow in me and through me, all the while, knowing there’s something greater here for me to learn.⠀

We can use intensely energetic moments like this to cultivate mindfulness—to practice coming back to the breath. To strengthen our ability to separate and distance. To see, with clarity, that the thoughts we’re thinking are not who we are.⠀

But sometimes, we may feel the intuitive pull to explore. An inner sense there’s a message here we’re meant to read, or see, or feel. A deeper reason for what’s happening. So, instead of fighting or resisting, or separating or distancing, we can allow ourselves to settle in. Allowing our musings to tell us the stories they want to reveal.⠀

We only know within the beat of the moment, which direction to take. To separate and breathe, or to consciously move in. Either way we’re learning. We’re watching and observing. Exploring and feeling and allowing and growing. ⠀

One choice isn’t necessarily better than the other, but it’ll likely feel best if we follow our intuitive nudge—if we do in that moment what we feel inside needs to be done.⠀

Each moment, each breath, each thought and idea, is a chance to tune in. To move inward and upward. A chance to uncover, allow, and discover. We just have to be open to seeing and feeling. To connecting and seeking. To listening and learning and growing. It starts with a willingness to be willing. To be willing to see, to learn, to expand, to understand, and to explore.