Why I don't Believe in Having any Regrets. Ever.

no regrets.JPG

I used to live my life by the quote “it’s better to regret something you did do, rather than something you didn’t do.” I thought it was inspiring. Motivating. A way to remind myself to constantly move forward, to try new things, to attempt to do even that which scared the heck out of me.⠀

But I don’t like the phrase anymore. I don’t align with it. Because I don’t believe we should regret anything. Ever. Every single experience we’ve had, every thought we’ve thought, every belief we’ve held, and every interaction with every single person, has led us to where we are right now. This exact moment. The awareness we hold of who we are and want we want stems from the understandings and knowings that have come from every moment we’ve already lived.⠀

Everything we’ve experienced was important. It served a purpose. There were lessons to be extracted from it. Things we needed to learn. We are who we are right now, today, because of everything we’ve experienced. And, that’s beautiful.⠀

Sure, there might be things we’re not proud of having said or done, or we might wonder what could’ve happened had we done something differently…but it all happened. We are where we are right now, because of it. And, where we are, is exactly where we’re supposed to be.⠀

By all means, inquire into past experiences. Learn from them. Understand the information and lessons you want to take from them. But then move forward.⠀

If there are things we want to change in our lives, we can choose to do so right now. We can do it from the awareness of this present moment. All of our power is right here, and right now. Our power is always in the present moment.⠀

And truthfully, we want everything that we want, and we desire everything we desire, precisely because of everything we’ve experienced. We are who we are, because of everything we’ve gone through. We are where we are, because of every moment we’ve traversed.⠀

I don’t believe in having regrets. Everything is just an experience. It’s an opportunity for learning. It’s how we choose to move forward right here, right now, from this moment, that matters.⠀

It’s all that ever matters.