What Life is All About


Life is about learning and growing. Expanding. Broadening our minds and conceptions of the world. Learning how to navigate our lives with ever-greater ease and conscious intention. ⠀

It’s about progress, progressing, and progressive understanding. About noticing, uncovering, discovering, and allowing. ⠀

It’s about softening and strengthening—discovering the light, delicate, essential balance we must hold between the two within ourselves.⠀

Life is active and passive. It’s motion and stillness. Doing and non-doing. Surrender and movement. Acceptance, and the soft, effortlessness of simply allowing. ⠀

Life is beauty and goodness, and wonder and awe. It’s about basking in the magical, miraculous experience of the now.⠀

It’s also about examining the subtle darkness we hold within—of extracting ourselves from the pull of old, patterned, conditioned fear-based thoughts, actions, and unseen, unknown, limiting beliefs.⠀

It’s about gently exposing these shadowed, darkened, buried parts of ourselves. Of courageously observing these hidden places within ourselves—understanding that these spaces are simply laying, waiting, wanting, longing, to be seen, noticed, learned from, and understood. Laying, waiting, wanting, to be infused with light, awareness, and the warmth of unconditional love.⠀

Life is beauty and wonder and magic, and it’s also, at times, tinged with tender, aching patches of pain. Through it all, though, there’s this. There’s always this. There’s us and there’s this. A continuous unfolding. A journey of revealing. An unending path of ever-deepening self-discovering.