What if You Let Yourself Feel Every Wonderful, Joyous, Scary, Heartbreaking Moment of Life?

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What if when you were sad, you let yourself cry? Happy, smile? Scared, feel fear? Amused, laugh? Unsure, rest in the wary space of uncertainty?⠀

What if when you wanted to dance, you danced? Sing, sung? Play, played? Cry, cried?⠀

What if you let yourself feel it all? Experience it all? Move into it all? Not hide from the pain, or cling to the good?⠀

Years ago I became afraid when I felt too good. Too happy. Too alive. Too enthusiastic. I didn’t let myself move into those feelings—I actually actively pulled myself back. Removed myself. Resisted them. Wouldn’t let myself feel into them. Because I knew they wouldn’t last. I understood they were temporary. Transient. Momentary. I was scared of how I’d feel when they were gone, so I wouldn’t really let myself feel them at all.⠀

How sad is that? How limiting?⠀

All of life is temporary. Transient. Fluid and flowing. It’s the inherent nature of things. These things. Those things. All things. It moves, and shifts; changes, reforms, reshapes, and rearranges.⠀

Just as pain, fear, and heartache pass, so too do joy, bliss, passion, and enthusiasm. They ebb and flow. Each shifting emotion making way for a new one. Each experience creating space for the next one.⠀

It’s a beautiful, endless, effortless unfolding.⠀

We shouldn’t let our emotions define us or limit us. They’re here to guide us and inform us. Show us and enlighten us. Help us to process, understand, and experience. They help us to live. Fully. Vibrantly. Alively. Here and Nowly.⠀

Everything is always moving, changing, shifting. We learn, grow, and expand through the motion.⠀

We don’t have to resist that which feels bad, or attach to that which feels good. We don’t have to be frightened of basking in the wonderful, because it’ll eventually shift into something that feels worse.⠀

We can allow it all. Make room for it all. Experience it all.⠀

That’s the only way to live life fully and wholly anyway.⠀

Life is beautiful and joyous and miraculous, but sometimes it’s also painful and scary and difficult. It’s all a part of life, and it’s all okay. ⠀

All of it is always ok.