Three Words That Will Change How You Feel Right Now


“I’m here right now.” Say these words. Feel them. Throughout the day. Whenever the thought pops into your mind. Whenever you remember.⠀

Whether your daydreaming about your heart’s deepest desires, or trying to control the impulse to get lost in the negative. ⠀

Come back to the moment. This moment. Right here. Right now. Remember. Remind yourself.⠀

Ground yourself in the present.⠀

Let it become your home base. Your starting point. The space where you center yourself. The place where you make the decision to leap, bound, and explore.⠀

Weave into dreamy thoughts of the future, and lightly tread the path of the past to extract the lessons still waiting to be learned. ⠀

But always come back. To this place. To this space. Right here. Right now. ⠀

Remind yourself. Make it a habit. ⠀

Come back to the present. Feel the fullness of the moment. Say these words. Feel them.⠀

“I’m here right now.”