The Simplest Way to Free Ourselves from Negative Emotions

mindfulness, nature, meditation, intention, flowers

This morning shortly after I woke up, I realized I felt off—tired sure, but also...not cranky exactly, but not happy either. I definitely did not feel happy. ⠀

As I was out walking, I tried to figure out exactly what I was feeling and why. What was the cause? The trigger? I mentally went through every single thing that it possibly could be. Any and every uncomfortable thought, any potential source of discomfort.

I tend to do this whenever I’m feeling any negative emotions—I state everything plainly and directly. Out loud. Including the things that make me feel bad admitting them to even myself. Because those thoughts are inside of me whether I want to admit it or not. And the energy will still be there, unless I’m willing to do the work to release it.⠀

About halfway through my walk, it hit me. I understood. And once I realized why I felt what I felt, I said the words over and over. Letting them sink in. Letting my subconscious mind know that I was consciously aware of what was happening. ⠀

After a few minutes, I stopped walking. I slowly turned around and saw the kind of sunrise where the sun glows a warm orange and the earth softly shines—almost sparkles—beneath its rays. I stood still for a few moments, allowing my eyes to linger there. On that warm orange sun and the glowing, shimmering earth. I smiled. I think I even giggled in awe.⠀

When I turned back around, I realized that the emotion I’d been carrying was no longer there. I didn’t feel the weight of it anymore. The heaviness had dissolved. I felt light.⠀

Most of the time it really is that simple. Our emotions just want to be recognized. They want to heard. The pain we feel is their way of attracting our attention. They want us to learn the information that lies beneath them. That’s where the feeling of freedom breathes. ⠀

There’s always a reason for why we feel how we feel. The emotions just inform us of something that’s deeper—thoughts or beliefs that are moving around somewhere inside of us. The key to freeing ourselves, is to get beneath the emotion. To discover the truths burning there. But in order to do that, we first have to be willing to allow ourselves to feel how we feel.