The Power in Symbolism and Ritual: Moving into the New Year with Intention

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I usually don’t care for New Years. I don’t believe in waiting for a specific date in the future to change things or to begin working on things that I can start doing right now, today, in this moment. It’s also, though, because on a greater level, time doesn’t exist (there’s just the perpetual now moment)...but that’s a whole other topic.⠀

Over the last few days, though, I’ve been thinking about the power of symbolism and ritual. A word, a thought, an act, or an idea can shift our energy completely. Instantly. If a time, space, or action feels significant for you, it is. If something resonates within you, that’s important. It means something. It’s worthy of noting. If something signifies change or opportunity to you, that’s important. It’s a chance for expansion. ⠀

There are many things I do that may not be “effective” but the act of doing them shifts the energy inside of me. I feel more centered, or powerful, or aligned, or energized (or whatever other emotion I’m wanting to feel) when I do them.⠀

Symbol and ritual are both incredibly significant parts of our lives, and we shouldn’t discount them. They spark ideas, feelings, understandings, and knowings inside of us. ⠀

Our thoughts and emotions are everything, and when we learn how to shift the way we experience them, we learn we can shift the way we live our lives. We can believe whatever we want, create whatever we want, be whomever we want.⠀

So today, I’m going to do a lot of things that I could do on every other day, but they’re going to feel more meaningful—because of what today represents. I’m opening up space, making room, and paving the way for change. So I can usher in all of the magic, wonder, and fresh new energy that comes with a brand new year.  ⠀

Even if that “new year” only exists because we say it does (because we’ve created it—and continue to create it—through our attention to a particular construct or dimension of awareness).⠀

Do something today that connects you to yourself. Or to the “you” you want to be. Everything is possible. All opportunity lies ahead. We can be, do, and have anything we want. We just have to believe it. And then open up the space to allow it.