The Power and Opportunity in Listening to our Intuition


I was living in Boston the first time I intentionally listened to my intuition. It was late one Sunday winter afternoon, and I was heading out for my five mile walk. ⠀

I got to a point where I’d usually continue straight, but everything inside of me told me to go right. I remember questioning it for the briefest of moments, but I knew what was happening. And, I went right. ⠀

Toward the end of my walk, I saw the most beautiful sunset I’d ever seen. The clouds and the colors were beyond what I could ever attempt to explain. ⠀

And, I knew that I’d been guided, directed on my path that day just to see that. To witness that. To experience that.⠀

Sure, if I’d walked around the Charles River, I would’ve also seen the sunset...but it wouldn’t have been THAT view. And, it wouldn’t have been THAT expansive experience.⠀

Our intuition is constantly, continuously guiding us to all our good—toward all that we want, toward all we can be, and toward all of the things we don’t even know that we need. ⠀

But it’s direction is soft, and it’s usually subtle. And, if we’re not careful, it’s too easy to miss it or dismiss it. ⠀

Too tempting to ignore it, because the inner impulse feels strange or unfamiliar—like something we’d never do, or something we’d never think.⠀

But it’s in that precise moment—when we feel the surprise of the inclination—that we should recognize it as the insistence of our intuition.⠀

Our intuition asks us to do things we’ve never done and go places we’ve never gone. To act in ways we’ve never considered. And to consider things we’d never wondered.⠀

The impulse to turn left instead of right; to go in a direction we’ve never taken; to reach out to someone we don’t know; to say something we’ve never said; to try something we’ve never dared; to contemplate something we’d never considered.⠀

It wants to break us out of the rigidity of our routines, and the confines of our thinking minds—out of that which we think we know, for that which knows more, and knows better.⠀

Our intuition is our soul trying to connect to us—seeking to communicate to us, and through us.⠀

We just have to want to be willing to pay attention.