The Only Way to Free Yourself from Fear

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Being human is so hard sometimes. We carry so much. We hold so much heaviness deep inside—most of which we’re not even consciously aware of. Deep, pervasive fears and pain; insecurities that cling and bind to us energetically. They lock into places deep within us, because we put them there. Because we refuse to look at them. We bury them. We don’t want to acknowledge their existence. We don’t want to feel the way they make us feel. And so, we cast them aside.⠀

But they don’t really go anywhere. They just attach to spaces inside of us we can’t easily see.⠀

We don’t realize they’re there, until we look. Until we dare to look. It’s hard, and it’s uncomfortable, and it can even be incredibly painful, but that’s how we reclaim our power. We cannot move beyond something unless we know it’s there. We can’t extricate ourselves from darkness, unless we shine the light of awareness into our dark spaces.⠀

Awareness changes everything, because it frees us from blindly reacting to our deeply entrenched fears and buried pain. We start to notice the fearful thoughts, and the way they show up as physical sensations in our bodies. And with this awareness, we can begin to watch the process that’s unfolding. As we watch what is happening inside of us, we automatically separate from the experience. Instead of simply being afraid, now, we’re watching and observing the feeling of fear. Yes, a part of us may still be afraid, but we’re also observing that part of us that feels scared. And that’s how we learn from the experience. That’s how we discover the lesson that’s begging to be heard.⠀

It can certainly feel painful, but sitting with the sensations helps us release them. Paying attention to what is happening, is how we let it go. We can’t free ourselves from something if we refuse to acknowledge we’re bound to it. We can’t let go of something, until we know we’re holding it.⠀

By watching our thoughts, feeling the sensations in our bodies, and inquiring into the trigger, we can gently begin to wade our way through.⠀

We don’t have to live our lives ruled by fear, but we can’t free ourselves from it, until we dare to look straight into, and through it.