The One thing we Need to do to Move Beyond Fear

fear, self-awareness.JPG

Most of us, I think, have the tendency to avoid (at all possible costs) anything that makes us feel uncomfortable—especially when it comes to our own thoughts, feelings, and beliefs. It feels safer to ignore it all. To push it all away. To pretend it doesn’t exist. 

Because the thought of facing it—or looking directly at what’s triggering us—just feels like too much. 

So we turn our gaze, and we think by moving it out of view, that we’re safe. We’ve taken care of it. We don’t have to deal with it. It’s gone.

But that’s not how it works. All of these issues still live inside of us even if we choose not to look at them. And, our limiting belief systems—all rooted in fear—still influence how we live our lives, even if we refuse to acknowledge them. Even if we pretend we don’t have them.

It all just happens without us knowing it. 

Awareness changes everything.

In order to be able to move beyond our unconscious, fear-based programs, we have to be willing to self-inquire. We have to be willing to look at what we find. And, we even have to be willing to feel the intense discomfort—including, yes, at times, incredible, immense fear—that comes from allowing ourselves to actually acknowledge what’s happening deep inside of us.

Because that’s how we learn from it.

It feels so hard to inquire into the darker stuff—because it can feel so heavy—but we have to do it. Because we can only truly extract ourselves from it, if we shine the light of awareness directly on it.

It’s the only thing that’s really going to change our lives.

All of the positive affirmations, positive thinking, and moments of gratitude won’t change anything, if we’re fundamentally, unwittingly, unconsciously being ruled by fear. 

When we refuse to look at the darker stuff, we’re just avoiding the opportunity to move beyond it.