The Key to Experiencing Negative Thoughts and Emotions with Ease


Don’t be scared of your feelings. Let yourself feel whatever you feel. Notice it. Acknowledge it. Allow it. Allow it without judgment.

Sometimes we experience uncomfortable emotions. Fear. Anger. Pain. Sadness. It happens. It’s natural. It doesn’t feel good to feel these emotions, but it doesn’t have to be something we dread either. When we allow ourselves to acknowledge our feelings—all of our feelings—we create space to learn from them.  But we have to be willing to inquire into what we’re feeling. ⠀

We have to be able to recognize it, we have to be willing to allow it, and we have to have the tender courage to hold space for whatever it is that we learn.⠀

And, we have to find a way to do all of this without judgment—without judging ourselves for feeling whatever it is that we’re feeling. Because self-judgment just further entrenches us in darkness. It strengthens the binds of negativity. It keeps us stuck in a spiraling, devolving cycle that only perpetuates the discomfort we’re so desperately longing to free ourselves from.⠀

Our lives only feel difficult because of resistance—because we fight whatever’s happening. Because we don’t want to feel what we’re feeling. Because we’re unwilling to accept our current circumstances. Because we refuse to understand that every single moment is affording us the opportunity to learn, grow and evolve. ⠀

The key is to be able to actively look for the opportunity that lies within each moment. Each thought. Each emotion. Each experience. ⠀

Feeling pleasant emotions is easy. They feel good, so it’s easy to move into that joyful, playful, expansive space. Difficult emotions don’t feel as good, but there’s just as much room for expansion. If not more. Great, huge, massive space for growth. We just have to be willing to allow ourselves to look for the opportunity. To focus on the lesson. To direct our attention to what is that we can learn.⠀

When you feel a negative emotion, say to yourself: “I feel....” Whisper it. Speak it out loud. Acknowledge it. Starkly. Directly. And, if you notice yourself judging yourself, say: “I feel....and I can see that I’m judging myself for it.” Just do this, and see how it feels.