Our Expectations Influence how we Experience our Experiences

attachment, expectations, law of attraction.png

Our expectations determine how we experience our experiences.⠀

I had this thought pop into my head the other day. I was feeling frustrated with something (small and inconsequential, of course), and I realized that I was only feeling this way because I’d had expectations for how this particular experience was going to be. I had very specific ideas about how things were going to turn out—I’d seen the whole thing play out in my mind. But it just didn’t happen. Which, for a few moments, left me feeling frustrated.⠀

Until I realized the opportunity here. I needed to surrender, release, and allow. Had I not expected things to go a certain way, I never would’ve been upset. There wouldn’t have been anything to be upset about.⠀

Having expectations is natural, and can definitely be beneficial, but only if they’re held lightly. And loosely. We need to be able to allow the details of our experiences to unfold as they will. ⠀

We can have thoughts and ideas about the way we want things to turn out, but we have to be okay with the fact that they might not go exactly as we envisioned. And that’s okay!⠀

Life is fluid, and flowing, and while I believe we have the power to shape our lives consciously and intentionally by choosing our thoughts and beliefs, we really can’t control most of it—at least in the way we’d generally like to believe. You know, in the whole gripping, grasping, clutching, death-grip sort of way.⠀

We have to be able to shift with what’s happening, rather than fighting or resisting it. Because resistance just causes extra unnecessary tension and frustration. ⠀

It’s natural to have ideas about how we want things to turn out in our lives (for big things and small things!), but we have to be okay when things don’t go exactly as we’d hoped or planned. ⠀

And the thing is, if we’re open to flowing with what’s happening, things are going to turn out pretty great. Maybe even better than we’d originally thought. And we might even learn something in the process.

P.S. Having positive, empowering expectations, and expecting good things to come into our lives is wonderful. And important! We just have to be able to surrender the details.