One Question that Will Change Your Life


When something happens that feels like a challenge or an obstacle, or when something throws off your meticulously scheduled plans or deepest, taken-for-granted beliefs, ideas, or seemingly obvious perceptions, pause. Just for a moment. Ask the question: What’s the lesson here? ⠀

What can I learn? What’s the opportunity? What does this mean? ⠀

What does this really mean?⠀

There’s always a reason for everything that happens. Every moment. Every breath. Every occurrence. Every single interaction. Use it. Intentionally. Tune in. Tap in. To your inner world. To the moment. Be curious. Wonder. Inquire. Ask the question.⠀

What’s the lesson here? ⠀

What can I learn? What does this mean?⠀

What’s the opportunity beating beneath the outward appearance?⠀

There’s always something we can learn. ⠀

Layers within us to be peeled away. Filters to be seen through and penetrated. A softer, lighter, more easeful way of interacting with ourselves and with the world around us. Blessed opportunities to move more deeply into the richness of our present moment experiences. Fuller, vaster, more soul-filling, full-body-satisfying ways of living our lives.⠀

We just have to be willing to ask the question. ⠀

What’s the lesson here?