One of the Best Ways to Release Fear


Fear is such a big feeling. It can feel so overpowering, so overwhelming, so threatening. The thought of feeling it can feel impossible to endure. But fear is just energy. It feels big and scary, but it’s just energy. Energy that moves and flows. Energy that’s trying to draw our attention to something. It feels uncomfortable to feel, because it’s supposed to. The discomfort is signaling that there’s something that needs to be seen, learned from, and understood.⠀

So much of fear’s power and influence comes from unawareness—it thrives on it. The energy of fear strengthens, expands, and intensifies when we try to hide, deny, ignore, or repress it. When we’re too afraid to simply admit that we’re feeling scared.⠀

One of the best ways to release fear is to acknowledge it. Directly. Its energy dissipates simply through acknowledging that it exists. It might not disappear immediately, but the energetic pull of it and its forceful grip on us, lessens. ⠀

Try this: Take a piece of paper and write out every single thing that you fear. Anything that makes you feel worried, anxious, or afraid. Big things, small things, all things. Even those things that your logical, rational, analytical mind will try to categorize as ridiculous. Like, “How could I possibly be afraid of this?!?” ⠀

Write it all out. Unfiltered. Without judgment. Just write it. Acknowledge it. Admit it. Write out every single thing you can think of—with the intention to let the fearful thoughts know you see them. You know that they’re there. They can no longer influence you without your knowing.⠀

Fear strengthens in the dark, dusty corners of unawareness. Its power comes from lurking in the hidden, shadowed, scarcely touched places of our minds. But when we have the courage to look directly at fear—to acknowledge it and admit it—we penetrate the filter of illusion and pierce through the barriers of unawareness. ⠀

We realize that those things we fear no longer feel so scary. And we understand that we have the ability to move through and release them.