Not Today Anxiety. Not.To.Day.


Not today anxiety. Not.To.Day.⠀

I feel my anxiety knocking at my door today, hanging out in some peripheral part of my brain. ⠀⠀

But I’m just not going to do it. I’m not going to let her in.⠀

I don’t have the patience, I don’t have the willpower, and I don’t have the time.⠀

I know why she’s lurking here. It’s not a surprise. And, it’s also not unusual. I could have anticipated the onset of this exact situation. In fact, I’m pretty sure I did.⠀

I’m going to be gentle today. But she’s also going to get a bit of tough love. ⠀

I know what it would feel like to let her in and it’s just too much. It’s dark and it’s heavy and it’s all-consuming. ⠀

I’m all about feeling our feelings, and moving into the hard stuff...especially this type of big, uncomfortable anxiety stuff. But today I just can’t do it. I’ve been here too many times before.⠀

Been there. Done that. ⠀

I see her. I feel her presence. I understand why she wants to hang out. ⠀

But today, she’s just not going to walk through that door.⠀