It Feels Like the Older I Get...the Less I Know


I feel like the older I get, the less I know. Or rather...the more the things that always made sense to me, now make no sense at all. And those things that never made any sense, are somehow the only things that now make total sense. That everything I thought I knew, isn’t what I thought it was. And all that I didn’t know, or couldn’t even begin to fathom, are now the only things I understand completely. Unwaveringly. ⠀

It’s a strange, but enlightening experience. A little unnerving at times, but also liberating. I feel like I know less than I’ve ever known, but also that I’m more deeply sure of and grounded within the understandings I now hold...even though those understandings are grounded within things that for most of my life, I never could’ve imagined knowing.