Instead of Judging Yourself for How You Feel, Do This.

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This is a reminder to never judge yourself for how you feel. Sometimes I feel like a broken record with this stuff, but it’s sooo, sooo important. Every single feeling that we feel is there for a reason. There’s something we can learn from it. Something happened that made us feel a certain way, and our truth, in the moment, is that we feel that way. ⠀

Maybe we like how we feel, and maybe we don’t, but either way, it’s how we feel. We don’t have to like it, but we do have to find a way to accept it. Denying our feelings doesn’t get rid of them, and trying to push them away, or pretend they don’t exist, just adds more tension. It doesn’t work. The feelings don’t disappear.⠀

We feel what we feel, and it’s always okay. We shouldn’t ever judge ourselves for it.⠀

When we experience difficult emotions, it feels difficult. But, it’s supposed to feel difficult. We wouldn’t understand that there’s something to decipher, or learn from, if we didn’t feel the discomfort. The discomfort is letting us know that there’s something we should be paying attention to.⠀

Instead of judging yourself for your feelings, or trying to will yourself to feel differently, let yourself simply feel what you feel. Even if it feels messy, chaotic, painful, or frightening. Acknowledge it. Admit it. Move into the experience. Open up space. ⠀

Give yourself the opportunity to explore what it means.