I'm Craving Silence and Moving into Stillness

mindfulness, stillness, meditation, present moment.JPG

I’ve been enjoying silent walks lately. No music, no audiobooks; just me and the sounds of the world around me—and the quiet beating, breathing, pulsing beneath all of that.

I’m craving silence. I need it. It’s primal. Instinctual. It’s not so much of a choice as a mandatory, critical, unavoidable requisite.

There’s so much noise all around all the time. And, it’s just too much. Even the sound of my fan on its lowest setting is too loud for me right now.

I’m noticing myself retreating into myself—breathing, being, feeling.  Wrapping myself in stillness; expanding within the vast space of aloneness. It’s everything, and yet nothing words can define.

Sure, there are times when I notice my mind getting restless while out walking without the distractions of my phone, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing.

We can learn so much about so many things from moments precisely like that.