How to Use Your Breath to Live Life more Fully

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Stop what you’re doing. Pause. Take a moment to just breathe. Deeply. Intentionally. Close your eyes, or keep them open and allow your soft gaze to take in the world around you. Feel your chest and stomach expand as you inhale, and soften as you exhale. Feel the air move in and out of your body. Breathe in deeply, exhale softly.⠀

Breathing is so simple. So obvious. So automatic. We don’t have to think about it. We just do it. Naturally. Innately. Instinctively. Effortlessly. It doesn’t always seem effortless, but the act of it is. We can’t live without breathing. We literally cannot exist without our breath.⠀

Our breath is powerful. If we deepen it, explore it, choose to consciously, willfully, deliberately move into, around it, and through it, we can energize ourselves in ways we didn’t know we could. Bring life to areas we didn’t know we had. Play with spaces we never knew existed.⠀

We can consciously use our breath to move more deeply into the present moment. To feel it fully. To inhabit it completely. We can use it to soothe, energize, enliven, or ground ourselves. To expand or settle ourselves. To rest in the sweet, luxurious space of this soft, simple, wondrous present moment. Or use it to catapult ourselves into something wild, uncharted, fresh, and new. Untouched. Unknown. To enter a terrain we’ve never traversed.⠀

Breathing is so simple. So innate. We do it without thinking about it. We do it even when it doesn’t feel like we’re doing it at all. Our breath sustains us. It keeps us alive. It allows us to exist. ⠀

And, we can use it intentionally, deliberately, decisively to experience that existence more fully.