How to Strategically use Affirmations to help Shift your Beliefs

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Affirmations are incredibly effective at helping to shift our thoughts and beliefs, but there’s a catch.

They only work on one condition…

We have to feel them.

We have to get ourselves into the feeling place of them, because the words alone are meaningless. Words are abstract and feel distant, until they generate a corresponding feeling within us. Which means, that until we can feel them, we won’t really believe them. And, until we believe them, they won’t really work for us.

But how do we do this? How do we feel them? How do we start believing the truth of them?

New affirmations almost always feel clunky. Something about them feels off. They don’t seem right. We can’t fully connect to them.

And, that’s because there’s a part of us that’s resisting the idea of them—which, if you think about it, makes sense, because if we already believed them, we wouldn’t need to use them as affirmations in the first place.

We usually only use affirmations to shift something within us that we don’t yet feel, to experience something we don’t yet have, or to create something that doesn’t yet exist.

So, it’s normal, and even expected, that we’ll feel disconnected from new affirmations at first.

It’ll just take time.

We can make whatever mental shifts we want to make, but we have to have patience with the process. And, we have to be willing to put in the work.

We usually have a lot of sticky energy wrapped up in our beliefs, because we’ve been living our entire lives based on them. So, when we want to shift something, we have to find a way to gently extricate ourselves from them.

Also, because we’ve likely been cultivating and reinforcing these beliefs over a long period of time, it’s naturally going to take time to shift them too.

It’s just how this works.

However, I do have a trick to make this whole process quicker, easier, and less painful.

And, that’s to align the new affirmations with something you already deeply believe in—something that already resonates as true within you. Find an affirmation or positive belief that you already intrinsically connect with, and use it right alongside the ideas you want to start believing. Weave them in. Tie the ideas together. Say one statement, and then move right into the other.

I have four affirmations I use to make it easier for me to integrate new affirmations into my thinking.

And, they are…

The Universe longs for me to have all I want to have.

The power that creates worlds is inside of me.

I wouldn’t have the desire, if the outcome didn’t already exist.

Only good things come my way.

Now, I want to point out why these affirmations work for me.

They work, because I already accept them as intrinsic, universal, undeniable truths. They make me feel safe, supported, and secure. They instantly bring me feelings of peace, and into a space of trust and faith in my particular life path.

So, whenever I say or think these words, I automatically feel better.

This means, that if I use these statements alongside other affirmations that I’m wanting to cultivate, it makes me more receptive to the new ideas. It opens up something inside of me.

It’s easier to accept new affirmations when we tie them to concepts that we already believe in, because these statements that already ring true for us, settle us. They calm us. They ground us.

So, when we feel the inevitable discordant energy start to swirl within us—while beginning to wade through the sticky places of new affirmations—we’ll feel ourselves soften as we say the words we already believe in.

My favorite way of doing this work is by writing them in a notebook. I’ll start with whatever my new affirmation is, and then when I feel the uncomfortable, resistant energy, I’ll start writing out the affirmations that automatically soothe me (see the four above). I’ll then continue writing the affirmations, alternating between the new ones, and those that I already believe in.

By weaving new affirmations in with ideas I already accept as truth, and that already resonate strongly within me, I can instantly ease a bit of the discomfort that comes with the new statements.

It still takes time to make the mental shifts, but I’ve found that this technique makes the whole process easier.

Also, the whole point with this method is to find affirmations that ring true for you! You may not connect with the affirmations that I do, and that’s okay!

Just find a statement that you already deeply believe in—preferably one that soothes you and comforts you—and use it. Integrate it into whatever new affirmations you’re looking to incorporate into your life.

There are a lot of things we can do to shift our thoughts and beliefs. I’ve just found that this happens to be one of the quickest and easiest.

P.S. I didn’t make up these affirmations, but I can’t remember where I got them! I’ve read a lot of books over the years.:)

What are your thoughts? What are some of your favorite affirmations? Do you have an affirmation that automatically soothes you? If so, what is it? Leave a comment and let me know!