How to Make Every Moment you Live Extraordinary

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Late one afternoon a couple of years ago, I was lying in bed when I read some quote along the lines of: “if you were to die tomorrow, would you still do what you’re doing today?” I paused, for just a moment, and thought, “yes.” I would still choose to do what I was doing.⠀

Even if it wasn’t anything particularly special or exciting. ⠀

Earlier in the day, I’d probably practiced yoga, meditated, cooked some food, and gone on a couple of walks. Now, I was lying in bed binge-watching some TV show I couldn’t get enough of. And everything about life felt so right.⠀

I mean, yes, of course there were things I wanted to experience in life—most of which would require me to leave my tiny studio apartment in Boston—but, on that day, in that moment, all I wanted to do, was exactly what I was doing.⠀

We don’t have to do big, great, daring, unusual things to live fully. We don’t have to do what we’ve never done, in order to feel fulfilled.⠀

We can find great joy, pleasure, and fulfillment in simple things. We can discover the extraordinary in the ordinary. We can experience wonder, magic, and awe in the moments we’re currently living. ⠀

We just have to tune into the present moment, and focus our attention on the marvelous things all around us right now.⠀

Breathing in fresh air, cuddling with a pet, watching the shifting colors of a sunrise or sunset, sipping our favorite tea, taking a hot shower, meditating, exercising in ways we love, listening to music, or wrapping ourselves in big, cozy comforters and lying in bed all day reading a book or watching some TV show we’re obsessed with...if we tune into the present moment, every experience can feel fulfilling. The seemingly simple, usual, and mundane, can feel extraordinary.⠀

We don’t have to sky dive, bungee jump, climb mountains, or travel to countries we’ve never been, in order to experience the fullness of life. We can, of course. But we don’t have to.⠀

We can experience all that is good, and wondrous, and wonderful about life, just by moving into, and embracing, the moments we’re currently living right here and right now.