How to Live Your Life Fully, Wholly, Vibrantly, and Completely

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Do what moves you. What inspires you. What energizes you. What electrifies your soul. Choose you. Honor you. Be true to you. Make you, you’re biggest, bestest, grandest priority. You deserve it. You’re worth it. Just because of who you are. Just because you’re you.⠀

Live your life. Fully. Wholly. Vibrantly. Completely. Nowly. Smile. Dance. Play. Meditate. Go for a run or walk. Lay in the grass gazing with awe at the wonder of a vast blue sky. Breathe in fresh air. Drink good coffee. Tell the people you love that you love them. Often. Take long, luscious, luxurious naps. Read books you can’t put down. Binge-watch shows you can’t get enough of. Travel to places you’ve never been. Dare to do things you’ve never done. ⠀

Listen to the joyful sounds of birds singing outside your window. Marvel at the sunrise. Bask in the warm, soothing, shifting colors of a glorious sunset. Laugh. Cry. Let yourself feel scared, but refuse to be ruled by fear. Fall in and out of love. Stand up for yourself. Speak your truth. Do only the things that resonate with your soul. Make yourself a priority. Feel appreciation for as many things as you possibly can. As often as you possibly can. Stare straight at fear and refuse to back down. Decide who you want to be. Let go of what other people think. Live your life fully. Vibrantly. Nowly. And do it all solely, only for you. Because you know you’re inherently worthy.⠀

Do what moves you. What energizes you. What makes you feel alive and connected and inspired. Live. Play. Meditate. Dance. Skip. Run. Dive headfirst into the wild unknown. Breathe deeply into every single present moment. ⠀

Try things that terrify you. That challenge you. That make you leap and bound into places you’ve never been; enter dimensions of awareness you’ve never considered. Question everything. Be open to everything. Be curious about everything.⠀

Do the things you long to do. Be the person you want to be. You get to decide.⠀

Live your life. Fully. Wholly. Completely. Nowly. Unapologetically. Live your whole, big, wonderful life for you. You’re worth it. You deserve it. Just because of who you are. Just because you’re you.