How to Feel into the Present Moment

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Sitting. Meditating. Breathing. Feeling into the silent space. Pain. Heartache. Sadness. Fear. Anger. Denial. Wariness. Joy. Excitement. Love. Passion. Hope. Enthusiasm. Breathless awe and marveling wonder. Witnessing it. Watching it. Feeling it. Riding the waves of flowing emotion. Experiencing the elements of physical sensation. Breathing. Feeling. Being. Allowing. Actively non-resisting. Intentionally settling into, and softening. Seeing. Noticing. Allowing. ⠀

Letting whatever discomfort arises, to arise. Just rise. Slowly, softly, suddenly. Just letting it go, and be, and breathe. Without judgment or assessment. Just a tentative, gentle, allowing and acceptance. Watching from a distance. Feeling the localized acuteness of what’s happening within us, while at the same time, holding a vaster, grander, tender awareness. An allowance. ⠀

Understanding we can let ourselves feel whatever we’re feeling, because it’s not really us anyway. We’re boundless. Unlimited. We’re the space who’s watching what’s happening. The one who’s observing it. We’re actually, even the one who resides yet even further back. Understanding and knowing that we’re the one who’s witnessing even that.