How to Create Space for True, Deep, Profound Gratitude

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Thinking about so many things I’m grateful for this morning. Big things and small things. But mostly big things. Things that at one point in my life I never could’ve imagined being a reality. Things that were so removed from my perception of what was possible that I never would’ve thought to consider it. Like, that yesterday I got to celebrate my grandmother’s 87th birthday with her. And that I’ve been lucky enough to spend so much time with her over the last year. That’s something that little girl Lisa, or early-20’s Lisa, or even late-20’s Lisa never could’ve imagined. I’m finding myself filled with so many tender feelings right now.

We can intentionally use gratitude or appreciation to bring ourselves into the present moment. To get out of our heads. To consciously attempt to shift our energetic vibration. To feel better. To remind ourselves of the blessings we already have in our lives. Big blessings and small blessings. All of which are equally wonderful, magical, miraculous blessings. ⠀

But often, true, deep, profound, all-encompassing gratitude arises suddenly. Erupts spontaneously. One moment, we’re just in our moment—living life—and the next we’re filled with all of these sensations, these realizations, these understandings, these feelings. Of love. Of gratitude. Of wonder. Of appreciation. Of awe. We just find ourselves enveloped in a great, big, invisible blanket of wondrous, appreciative awe.⠀

It’s a beautiful experience. And one that can’t be forced. It seems to somehow just happen. The emotions just swell within us. Suddenly. In a moment. It just is. We’re just there. Feeling that. All of that.⠀

We can’t force this kind of experience, but we create the space to allow it to happen by softening into our present moments. Continuously. Intentionally. Earnestly. Over and over again. By allowing our present moment to be what it is. And to let ourselves be fully in it and with it. By breathing into it. ⠀

We allow all of this to happen, by gently willing ourselves to be right here, right now.  Always. Right here. Right now. In this space. In this present moment.