How to Create a Morning Routine Built on Intention

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I love early mornings. I always have. I am an extreme morning person and generally hop out of bed within a couple of minutes of opening my eyes.

My dad said that when I was maybe four or five years old, I’d bound out of bed and absolutely insist on accompanying him outside, while he raked the leaves during fall. I’d even change into my little red snowsuit all by myself!

He said it seemed as if I’d been lying in bed just waiting to hear his movement, so that I could get up too!

I love these early hours, because of the silence. The world is quiet and still, but there’s also this slight, subtle buzzing of fresh, untouched potential.

The day is wide open, and I feel like I get to dive into an ocean of possibility.

The moment I wake up I say “thank you.” It doesn’t matter if I am tired or cranky, or if I slept well or feel like I barely slept at all. I always say thank you. And I am always genuinely grateful.

I begin each day with a mindset of gratitude, because I know that it will impact the flow of everything else that comes my way.

When we choose gratitude, and when we consciously look for things to appreciate, everything about life feels a bit easier. We feel better about the things we have now, and we create the space to receive other wonderful things in the future.

I follow up my “thank you” with “this is going to be a wonderful day.” And, I mean it!

I absolutely intend to have a wonderful day!

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After I get out of bed, I make coffee and hot lemon water.

I drink these, while I journal. I know this means that I’m not being particularly “mindful” with my coffee (other than those first few sips), but I’m okay with it.

I have to write. Journaling helps to clear my mind.

I free write whatever is in my head, without censorship and without restriction. Sometimes something profound comes out, but usually it’s just a rambling stream of uninteresting, repetitive thoughts. It’s okay.

I don’t care what comes out, I just give myself the space to write until I have nothing left to say.

After I write, I exercise.

I need movement. My body craves it and my mind requires it. Exercise wakes me up and it energizes me. It also makes me feel accomplished—like I’ve done something productive before most of the world around me even wakes up.

I prefer to begin my day in nature, breathing in fresh air and taking in the world around me, so I usually either walk or run. But, if it’s raining, I’ll do yoga.

The most important thing for me is that I move and breathe, and release some of the energy that builds up overnight.

I also meditate every morning. Some days I do it before I work out, and other days I do it after.

Meditation centers me and grounds me.

It soothes me, or at the least puts me in touch with my state of mind. I use my morning meditation as a way to check in with myself. I don’t expect silence and I have no goal of ceasing all thought. Thoughts wander. They move. It’s natural.

Instead, I look at my meditation as a way to tune into how I truly feel in the moment.

I generally start out my meditation with the words, “What do I need to know today?”

I use this as an anchor point to tap into my intuition, and see what, if anything, comes up. (I think I got this idea from something I read by Louise Hays.)  

And, finally, I write out some affirmations. I even have a specific notebook that I write them in!

I use affirmations to consciously shift my mindset toward positivity. I focus on what I want to create, what I want to move toward, and the kind of energy I want to infuse into my day.

It’s funny how something as simple as repeating a few words can have such a massive impact on how we feel, and the actions we take.

Starting the day out with Intention

Everything about my morning routine is intentional. It serves a purpose. I do things that energize and inspire me, because I know that doing those things makes me feel better.

While I don’t do everything mindfully, everything is grounded in mindfulness. Each activity, each moment, is about tapping into how I feel, and into what I need.  

But it’s less about the individual aspects themselves, and more about how they impact me. They calm me, they focus me, and they help ground me in a space of positivity.

When I begin my day from this place of intention, focused on gratitude and the things that bring me peace, I am able to integrate these feelings more seamlessly into the rest of the day.

And that means that no matter what comes my way, I’m better equipped to handle it.


1.             Do you have a morning routine?

2.             What are your morning essentials?

3. Are you a morning person too? Or a night owl?

Leave a comment and share your own morning routine or any thoughts/questions you may have!