Figure out what Sets your Soul on Fire and Do it

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Writing is like breathing to me. It’s that necessary. It’s that essential.⠀

I don’t know how I lived so long without doing it. I got a Masters in Journalism, but didn’t write. I did a yoga teacher training, and realized at the end of it that all I wanted to do was write, but still spent a year not writing.⠀

But everything changed with one conversation in December 2016. I was talking to someone at work about the upcoming winter holiday. He said he had plans to go see family for a week, but he didn’t really want to take the time, because there was “research that needed to be done.” (He’s a scientist.)⠀

My world, in that moment, stopped. There’s life before this conversation, and life after it.⠀

I saw someone so passionate about his work that he didn’t even want to take a vacation, which was startling, because I lived for Fridays, weekends, and holidays.⠀

I relayed this story to a co-worker later that day and she said she wished she had something like that. I responded, without hesitation, that I did. And, it was writing.⠀

So, I started writing. Every day. Nothing big or intense, and no grand goals. Just me and my computer, and the 15 minute timer I set on my iPhone.⠀

I had to start small. If I tried to write with the purpose of getting published I’d overwhelm myself. The fear of not creating something worthy or publishable would keep me immobilized. I’d quit before I’d ever really begin. ⠀

Writing made me feel alive in a way that nothing else had. It’s like I could physically feel the space inside of me expand. I didn’t even know I could feel like that—that there was something that could make me feel like that.⠀

Do you have something that sets your soul on fire? What’s that thing you long to do?⠀

When you know what it is, just DO IT. Don’t wait. Let go of every excuse. ⠀

Your action doesn’t have to be big and it doesn’t have to take a lot time. You don’t need grand purpose or even a specific goal. Just do what you want to do, because it moves you. And do it for you.⠀

Find the thing that makes you feel like you can’t breathe if you’re not doing it. And then never stop doing it.