Figure out What Lights You up. Then Do it.

oprah illuminate the world2.png

Do what lights you up. What makes you feel alive, energized, and inspired. The things that call to you—those things that send energy straight through your soul—they beckon to you for a reason. They tug at your insides because they’re meant to. They send waves of pulsing loving light energy through you, because they’re a part of you. They’re a part of what you’re meant to do. What you’re meant to experience. They help connect you to you—the you who you really are.⠀

You’re here to spread love and light throughout the world. And it has to start with you. Move toward what you’re called to do. Let yourself flow to the places your soul longs to go. You love what you love for a reason. You enjoy what you enjoy because you’re meant to. The things that energize you—that make you feel alive—bring life to your soul. Let yourself flow into and through those spaces. ⠀

You’re meant to experience love and light. You’re meant to spread love and light. And that’s because, at your core, you’re nothing but boundless, unlimited pulsing energetic waves of love and light.

What are some things that energize your soul?

Think about it. Then do it.