Everything Happens for a Reason


Everything happens for a reason. Each moment, each experience, each breath. Every conversation. Every thought. Every insight. Every intuitive nudge, impulse, and feeling of inspiration.⠀

It’s not always easy to see in the moment. It’s often difficult to understand. The perspective we hold is generally too narrow, too confined—we’re usually too far in it to be able to see outside, around, or through it. ⠀

But there’s a reason. There’s always a reason. Beating there. Beating there beneath the breath.⠀

A purpose. A lesson. A possibility. An opportunity. ⠀

A potential. Vast, unseen, unlimited potential. ⠀

A stepping stone to something new. Untouched. Uncharted. Not yet known, or felt, or understood. An experience we’re yet to experience. Knowledge we’ve yet to acquire. ⠀

A world filled with something bigger, fuller, greater, and wider.⠀

A chance to grow and expand. To learn. To explore. To uncover something we’ve not yet discovered. ⠀

A chance to move deeper into ourselves. To shine an inquisitive light on our deepest, purest, innermost selves. ⠀

An opportunity to shed unneeded layers and filters. To release binds that keep us unwittingly confined to limiting, outdated, constricting, conditioned ways of thinking and living.⠀

Everything happens for a reason. We might not be able to understand what’s happening while it’s happening—during the moments that we’re experiencing what we’re experiencing. ⠀

But the reason is there. It’s always there. Beating there beneath the breath. Beneath, around, and through the breath. Our breath.⠀

We just have to be willing to see it. We have to be willing to want to see it. We have to be willing to allow ourselves the opportunity to see it.