Do Something Today that Nourishes your Soul


Hello. Good morning. Do something today that nourishes you, that nurtures your soul, that connects you!

Walk, breathe, meditate, sit and bask in the majesty of nature, paint, draw, write, play with your children, run around a river, play a game that fills you with child-like enthusiasm, study subjects that interest you, read books that inspire you, dive into knowledge that expands the boundaries of your thinking mind.

Spend time with your loved ones. Allow yourself to be fully present. Do something that moves you, that energizes and sparks a light in your soul. ⠀

Dance, sing, do cartwheels or handstands, build a computer, learn a new skill, challenge yourself to do something you’ve always wanted to do, but haven’t yet done. ⠀

Or simply just sit and breathe. Close your eyes and simply just sit, be where you are, and breathe.⠀

Say hi a stranger, always be kind, and look for reasons to smile. Always look for reasons to smile.⠀

Don’t deny or ignore the painful or negative, but open up to and emphasize the potential and positive. ⠀
Do something today that nourishes you, that makes you smile, that nurtures, enlivens, and sparks a light in your soul. Do something that connects you to you. To the you that you truly are, to the you that your heart longs to be.

Happy Thursday! I hope you have a beautiful day.