How to Move into the Present Moment

move into present moment.PNG

What are you doing right now? Where are you? Are you sitting at your desk at work? Lying in your bed at home? Standing on a train commuting to somewhere you have to be?

What do you see around you? What do you hear? What do you feel? Where is your body in space?

I’m sitting in my bed, legs crossed, elbows resting on my upper thighs. I just meditated. There are two pillows behind my back, comfortably propping me up so I can more easily sit up straight.

Despite having two lights on, my room has the cozy tint of darkness that comes with an overcast morning on the verge of rain.

I hear children playing at a school nearby; the sounds of a few different kinds of birds somewhere outside my window (could one be an owl?); the sound of my dad moving around downstairs; a few men chatting and working as they do construction on a house just beside us; and cars driving off in the distance.

Dropping into the present moment is simply about bringing our attention to the preciseness of what is happening right now. We won’t stay so acutely aware for long. Our attention will quite naturally drift back to the thoughts in our head. It’s okay.  We can always softly bring ourselves back to the right here and right now.


1.       How do you practice moving into the present moment?

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