A Reminder that Soothes me when I Feel Uncertain about the Future

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When I find myself feeling unsure, worried, or concerned about the future, I like to center myself with the awareness that I am in the right place, at the right time, doing the right thing.⠀

When I start to question myself, or have doubts, I think back over my past actions to evaluate whether what I’ve done feels right. Do the decisions I’ve made feel correct? Do I feel like I’ve done what I was meant to do? Go where I was meant to go? Say what I was meant to say?⠀

Could I imagine having done anything differently?⠀

And, the answer is always no. I know without a shadow of a doubt that everything I’ve done, and every decision I’ve made, has been right.⠀

And, when I remember this, it’s easier to soften into the present. It’s easier to move through the uncertainty. It’s easier to allow what is, to be. It helps me to release the impulse to manipulate, force, figure out, and control; and instead surrender into allowing the unknown.⠀

If everything I’ve done, upon reflection, feels sooo right, then where I am right now, can’t be wrong. ⠀

We can embrace uncertainty, by grounding ourselves in the knowledge that we’re moving in alignment with what feels right for us. ⠀

Because, that inner feeling, that inner guidance, that inner knowing...is everything.⠀

How do you center yourself when you feel thrown off balance, or worried about the future? Do you have any favorite tactics or affirmations? Let me know. I always love learning new techniques.⠀

P.S. I think I got this affirmation from @gabbybernstein, but I can’t remember, because I’ve had it on a note card for a few years.