Why we Need to Embrace Vulnerability


We all have vulnerable moments and we all have insecurities. We all have times where we feel uncertain, unsteady, and unsure. We go through periods of feeling weak or broken, lost or confused. 

And, it’s okay.

But, for some reason, there seems to be an inner, desperate need to act as if we’ve got it all together and totally figured out. Or, at least, that we’re untouched and unshaken by life’s harder, more unpredictable moments.

But, it’s okay to be shaken. It’s okay to feel ungrounded and unsure. It’s okay to feel tired, weak, and insecure.

We shouldn’t be ashamed of our softer spaces. Instead, we should embrace them. We should move into them. We should want to know that we have them, so that we can learn from them.

Because, it’s through acknowledging and accepting them, that we can decide how to experience them. They don’t have to be as limiting or defining as they sometimes feel.

Our greatest strength and resilience comes through accepting our vulnerable places. 

I don’t enjoy having moments of self-doubt, but it happens. I don’t enjoy experiencing anxiety, but it happens. I don’t enjoy feeling insecure, but it happens.

But, instead of turning away from these moments, because I don’t like how they make feel, I move into them. I welcome them. I dive into them to see what I can learn from them—about who I am, what I believe, what I feel, and what it all means—and how all of it influences the way I experience the world.

It’s okay to have moments where we don’t feel okay. It’s okay to feel like we’re not measuring up. And, it’s okay to go through periods of incredible self-doubt.

Our power doesn’t come from ignoring this stuff; it stems from owning it. From acknowledging it. From having the strength to look into it. And, then, continuing to tenderly move forward, through it, despite of it.

Most of the hardship we experience in life doesn’t come from what’s actually happening. And, it doesn’t even come from how we feel about what’s happening. It comes from disallowing and resisting that which is, to simply just be. 

We feel what we feel, and the things that are happening, are happening. And, we can fight it or ignore it, or, we can allow ourselves to accept it.  

And, if we can allow it, and accept it, we can discover what it has to teach us.

So many of our most wonderful, beautiful parts come from our softer, more vulnerable places. 

And, if we want to figure out how to live lives with greater ease, or deeper meaning, we have to find a way to allow it.